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Yes and the Rock 'n Roll spirit-wave

This is my small celebration of the rock group Yes, with some related stories and materials from the spiritual side of the psychedelic sixties. 

A friend once described Yes as providing "the sound track for your spiritual path ..." -- and though there are many other fabulous artists and musiscians in the world, Yes has always been my deep soul-spiritual favorite.

My site name 'awakenings' has strong intentional resonance with one of their signature songs, Awaken.

Sorry the SLO Gallery has been broken, I'm rebuilding the site after yet another boring defacement.

 Meanwhile (July 2009) getting ready to yES at the Warfield in SFO and then the following night with my lovely wife (her first!) at the Mountain Winery.  Very glad I had the chance to catch Jon Anderson live 3 weeks ago in SLO.




  • Yes   ( 3 Articles )
    Some words and pictures in celebration of the rock group Yes -- my first homepage was chiefly devoted to posting pictures from their landmark concert in San Luis Obispo when the classic Anderson / Wakeman / Howe / Squire / White lineup reformed.
  • Sixties Tales   ( 2 Articles )

    Never mind that I was only 14 when Woodstock happened, and that most of *my* sixties tales happened in the early seventies when I was in high school, the "seventies" is too redolent of disco to fit in here (yes, there are some bona fide "seventies" tales too, but not now -- at least here I can make the excuse I was just a kid).

     Ten years ago when I was recovering from my second liver transplant (a post-sixties tale in itself) and discovering that my first marriage was almost at an end, I made a choice to "liberate my inner hippie" -- which means, to honor my roots and the impulses of that zeitgeist.  My more serious esoteric studies of Steiner, Gurdjieff, and others, transcend the particulars of that era and its impulse; but for me as for many, can also be celebrated as part of a flowering that took place at many, many levels.  These stories are not told for their sensational value, but in sincerety.