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Among the assortment of material here is the fact that I'm the recipient of a liver transplant - actually, two now (May 25, 1995 and then April 12, 1998). Life is good, although way back then it was a bit of a bumpy ride, requiring five surgeries and numberless minor procedures.

Shortly after the second transplant I completed an account of my transplant story here for the benefit of those in similar circumstances. It's listed below -- "Liver Transplant, the Hard Way and the Easy Way" (BTW, it's rather long!) I get a lot of mail from people who are listed, just transplanted, friends and family -- I love to hear from you all, and always respond.

For info on end stage liver disease, organ failure, donation, and transplantation, I advise TransWeb - Transplantation and Donation at the University of Michigan. If you are a transplant candidate, you want to subscribe to the TRNSPLNT mailing list - info at the TransWeb site.

A quick word about organ donation: if you wish to be an organ donor in the event of your death, you must make this wish known to your next-of-kin. This is in fact much more important than having checked "organ donor" on your driver's license. My first transplant was at Stanford's Liver Transplant Program in Palo Alto, CA; the second at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento CA; the also have a site for their liver program).

One consequence of my post-transplant medication regime was to accelerate my genetic predisposition towards diabetes. Person with diabetes and anyone at risk (which nowadays is just about everyone) might be interested in the video "Sweet Fire: Understanding Sugar's Role In Your Health" that I helped co-produce with its author/presenter. The site has a clip from it and other info, incuding how to order.

And last, I have posted a verse below for Steven, my donor, in rememberance of his gift, and as a plea to get guns out of the hands of children and teenagers.

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1 Liver Transplant: the Easy Way and the Hard Way David Eyes
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