solid mental grace

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ARROGANCE ts contempt for everybody and everything except oneself.

The arrogant man is the sort of person who stops a man hurrying along to tell him he will see him after dinner while he is taking his stroll. When he does you a good turn he tells you to remember it. Meeting those who have asked him to decide a quarrel, he declares he will just do so here in the street. If elected to some office he calls off, saying he has no time. He is never the first to greet if he meets a friend, and is fond of telling his tenants, or people who have anything to sell, to come and see him at daybreak. While walking in the streets he does not speak to those he meets, but keeps his head down, or, if the fancy takes him, high in the air. If he gives some friends a dinner he will not sit down with them, but will send some one under him to preside. Whenever he goes out he sends on a messenger to say he is coming. He will not allow anyone to enter while he is anointing himself or bathing or at a meal.1 If he is settling with anyone he usually tells his servant to add up the account and set down the amount to him. When writing a letter he does not say 'I should be obliged' but 'I desire,' and is fond of the phrases 'I have sent to you for,' 'Obey my orders to the letter,' 'Without losing a moment.'

1 The Greek Ettiquette on this point seems to have been different from ours