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Anthroposophical, Goethean, and Steiner-Gurdjieff
It may seem a little odd to jumble Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, and George Gurdjieff under the same head, but Steiner is the bridge between them and in my approach to the world of ideas, there is no such thing as the "water-tight" compartment; indeed there are deep connection of Steiner with Gurdjieff, which I try to explore and celebrate.
  • Goethean Science   ( 1 Article )
    Goethe's scientific and participatory approach to the understanding of reality was the foundation-stone for Rudolf Steiner's more radical and transformational anthroposophy.
  • Rudolf Steiner and George Gurdjieff: Connections   ( 2 Articles )

    Rudolf Steiner and George Gurdjieff were more or less contemporaries, but both came from different worlds.  Each included in their mission a vision of inner development for modern man.  Both were immersed deeply in the streams of esoteric tradition, although in different lines and perspectives.

    A student of both of their teachings finds -- in addition to real differences and even contradictions -- certain elements which are deeply resonant and which are useful in amplifying or clarifying obscure aspects of the other's teachings.

    This topic category includes thoughts specific to these intersections.

  • Rudolf Steiner's Third Scientific Lecture Cycle   ( 18 Articles )

    Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) gave three series of lectures to the first teachers of the Waldorf Schools on different branches of the sciences.  The first was known as The Light Course; the second, the Warmth Course; and the third, presented here, is more fully titled "The Relationship of the Diverse Branches of Natural Science to Astronomy" but familiarly, "The Astronomy Course."